Work > Paintings: Animal Dreams

I painted this series in winter of 2014. We had just moved to Oregon from the Republic of Panama, and let me tell you - - I was COLD. So I painted animals snug and warm in their beds. That got me thinking about how much I love bedding, which got me thinking that it might be fun to sew some simple quilts, which got me thinking (as I searched and searched for the "perfect" fabric) that I should try to design my own fabric. And thus, a fabric design career was born!... Out of the shivering bitter bone-deep cold that comes from abruptly relocating from tropics to the far north.

All artwork is available for licensing. Or, for those interested, please message me to buy a print.

All paintings marked with an asterisk * have been developed into a fabric series intended for quilting. Fabrics are available for purchase here.